Chest and Arms

Pec stretch

Target area:  Pecs and shoulders stretch


The pec muscles on the front of your chest act to round your shoulders forward.  So if you regularly find yourself hunched over a laptop or phone then this one will feel pretty good.  It can be done against a wall or in a door frame.


Stand next to a wall or in a door frame.  With the arm nearest the wall or frame, bring your arm up to shoulder height and bend your elbow at about 90 degrees.  Slowly and gently lean forward until you feel a stretch across the front of your chest.   Hold hear for about thirty seconds before repeating on the opposite side.

Tricep stretch

Target area:  Triceps and lats


Another stretch that you’ll maybe have done before but it’s just so handy that it had to be included.  This can done anytime and anywhere.  It’s great if you’ve been doing upper body work such as swimming, playing rounder’s with the kids or gardening.


Stand straight and tall.  Raise one up overhead and then bend the elbow to drop your hand on to your back.  Take the opposite hand over to the lifted elbow.  Very gently, add a little pull until you feel a nice stretch along the back of the raised arm. Hold here for about 30 seconds before releasing and repeating on the opposite arm. 

Forearm stretch

Target areas:  extensors and flexors of the forearm


This is a good stretch for a long day tapping away on a keyboard or if you’re getting arm pump after shredding the trails.  It helps to ease the tension of your forearm but go easy though, a gentle touch is all it needs.


This can be done seated or standing, it really doesn’t matter.  Hold one arm out straight in front.  First point your palm forward and away from you.  Gently pull your fingers towards you with the opposite hand.  Hold for up to thirty seconds.  Release and turn your palm to face towards you.  Again, with the opposite hand, gently pull the fingers inwards.  Hold again for up to thirty seconds.  Repeat for the other arm.