Adductors and Groin

The adductors are a group of muscles on the inside of your thigh.  They originate at the bottom of the hip bone on your pelvis and attach again along the inside of your femur .  The main function of these muscles is to bring your thigh towards the midline of your body, such as when you cross your legs or step side to side.


Groin strains aren’t uncommon in sports like football, squash, etc. with quick movements from one direction to the other.  Keeping the muscles supple can help to reduce the risk of injury and maintain range of movement.

Adductor stretch

Target area: Adductors and groin


If you’re not already on a soft surface (carpet, grass, etc.) then you may want to cushion your kneeling knee with a jumper or mat.


Kneel on one knee.  Take your other leg out to side with the knee bent, foot on the ground and facing away from your body at 90° angle. Try to have your knee and ankle in line (or almost) to begin with.  Keeping your body upright, shift to the side and allow your knee to move over your toes. You should feel a good stretch in your inner thigh and groin. Hold for about thirty seconds before returning to centre and repeating on the opposite leg. 

To change from a static to dynamic stretch, hold the stretch for a few seconds before returning to the middle and then leaning out to the side again.  Repeat this five to ten times on each leg.

Adductor mobility

Target area: Groin and adductors


This is both a nice stretch and also a great mobility exercise to help with range of movement through your hips.  A good one before a gym session that might involve squats and deadlifts.  Cyclists you’ll like this one too before a day in the saddle.


Kneel on one knee and take your other foot out to the side with your foot pointing forward and the leg straight.  Rest your hands on the ground in front of you, keeping your back straight.  Shift your hips back towards your feet. You should feel a good stretch in your inner thigh and groin.  Hold for a few seconds before returning forward.  Slowly repeat this rocking action and stretch five to ten times on each side.

Butterfly stretch

Target areas: Adductors and groin


Another throwback to school days that still works just fine.

Sit on the floor, or a cushion if you want extra comfort.  Bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together.  Try to sit up tall if you can.  Allow your knees to gently fall to sides.  If you have the range of movement you can encourage them by using your elbows to gently push them apart a little more.  Hold the stretch for about thirty seconds or so.   Repeat a few times.