What is so good about regular sports massage?

01.06.20 02:07 PM By Ruth Ward - Comment(s)

How long do you reckon you’ve spent pondering about that niggling pain and muscle ache, or chatting about how you should maybe do something about it?  My guess is probably much longer that the amount the time you’ve spent focused on preventing the niggle becoming an injury in the first pla...

Shin Splints - not the end of your running world

01.06.20 01:46 PM By Ruth Ward - Comment(s)
Shin splints, or its fancy name of medial tibial pain syndrome, is a pretty common issue for runners. It is often related to ‘too much too soon’ and an overloading of the muscles.

New Blog... Coming Soon

20.04.20 05:12 PM By Ruth Ward - Comment(s)
Welcome to the Tylino Blog. New posts on the way!